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Here at Maxi Decks Protection LLC, we are committed to keeping you and your family dry and comfortable year round!

There is no other feeling like the one you will get when you share your outdoor space, inside with your family and friends. Maxi Decks Protection LLC offers a wide array of fine craftsmanship products, our services range from single to multi-level decks, we build custom patios and screen rooms.

Once you get a peak at the quality of work that we do, we'll show you how we can take your empty space or ordinary deck and turn it into a spectacular decks under cover! You will not be happy until you are sitting on your new deck sipping a glass of lemonade.

Our specialty are decks, but, we offer custom made fencing, we can help beautify your property by installing a landscaped wall, if you need gutters we can take care of that for you as well, we do custom stone work, we can pressure wash your home and of course we can stain your new deck for you.

Please call us today for a free no cost, no obligation estimate, and we will get one of our hardworking representatives right out to see you, your new deck is waiting, so call today!

Here at Maxi Decks Protection LLC we keep you outside, inside 365 days a year!

We believe that keeping the lines of communication open between us and our customers is what has made us into the fine company that we are today, and will only strengthen us as we grow, and move forward into the business of tomorrow.

We value your time, and we promise to be on time for your appointment, it is that commitment to quality that has built us a repeat referral based business, we have enjoyed continued success throughout Georgia and our business is built on the backs of hardworking homeowners, therefore we value your time as much as you do, and would like to thank you in advance for the opportunity to present our company, and fine products to you.

Professional Benefits

Decks are a project you can picture your dad doing on a lazy Sunday. So why hire a professional?

Building a deck or patio is not as simple as purchasing the supplies and laying them down in a square. If you want a beautiful deck or patio that flows with the shape of your yard, a contractor can envision the design that will work the best with your unique property.

Believe it or not, there are also codes to consider. You need a plan and a permit to build on your property. If you don’t want to have to think about this, we’ll handle it for you.

Finally, we know where to get the best materials, for the best price. You may be paying for our labor, but the return is huge.

Maxi Decks Protection LLC Decks

Your yard deserves a deck or patio, and our talented team of contractors are ready to get to work! Summer just isn’t summer unless you can enjoy it properly. Looking at your yard, what do you see right now? Is it a barren wasteland? A simple carpet of grass? Whichever it is, installing a deck or patio will make you want to get out there and enjoy your yard, and the beautiful weather, while it lasts.

When building a custom deck, some who are DIY-inclined may be tempted to try it themselves. However, it’s important to hire a deck contractor who can install your deck properly.

Patio construction can also go very wrong if not done properly. Installing a concrete patio may look simple, but it can become a headache, quickly!

Rely on the professionals at Maxi Decks Protection LLC to get your job done quickly, and up to even the highest standards.

Our service also includes Enclosed Decks .

Perfect Patios

Come to Maxi Decks Protection LLC for all your outdoor patio ideas. Patios, whether concrete, flagstone, clay, or concrete, add curb appeal to your home just as quickly as a deck. The average concrete patio will cost between $700-$2,000 depending on size and features.

What better and more affordable way to add big value to your property? While you’re living in your home, you will throw the best parties and if you choose to sell, buyers will picture themselves doing the same.

Dependable Deck Design

Getting a local deck builder to install a deck is a great choice for so many reasons. Not only will you be able to relax solo and get your tan on, but you can entertain as well. Throw a party or a BBQ and your new custom deck will bring it to the next level! Even better, your home’s value will be instantly boosted!

Decks are a great way to add some square footage and improve your home fast. At roughly $35 per square foot, most homeowners can afford to install at least a small deck to improve their property.

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