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Atlanta Pressure Washing
by Maxi Decks Protection LLC

Maxi Decks Protection LLC provides outstanding service to homeowners in the greater Atlanta area since March of 2000. For more than a decade, Atlanta homeowners have enjoyed the high standard of service that we offer, our highly trained staff has provided quality pressure washing.

Maxi Decks Protection LLC is a local company, whose owner actively participates in the day-to-day business operations, he doesn't sit on the sidelines while his employees do all the hard work, he works hard right alongside them, therefore the cost of overhead is kept low, and Maxi Decks Protection LLC can pass the savings to the most important part of our business, that is our customers, with the quality of our service and our products you can keep your home looking brand new year round!

Deck Cleaning & Staining

Maxi Decks Protection LLC can beautify and restore the dull exterior of your decks, including low pressure stripping, we can handle your carpentry work and bring that old wood back to life by staining and water proofing it for you. We can transform your porch, patio, deck or wooden fence from an eye sore, to a thing of art! A beauty that you, your family and friends can enjoy all season and every season! You better believe that your home will be the envy of the neighborhood!

A Detailed Pressure Washing

Nothing brings back the beauty of your home and makes it shine like a detailed pressured washing by Maxi Decks Protection LLC. We can remove that mold, rust, and grime from the surface of your home, restoring it back to the beauty it once was, and of course Maxi Decks Protection LLCs is an environmentally friendly company, we use green friendly cleansing products. Your home can have curb appeal again, your driveways, sidewalks, and decks can look new again! What homeowner doesn't want curb appeal? Beauty equals increased home value, which increases equity!

Want to Beat the Summer Rush?

There is never a bad time to get things all cleaned up, and you can get all the work that you need done to your home with a single phone call to Maxi Decks Protection LLC. Make the call today, and get the wheels in motion to improving your home and restoring its natural beauty. When we come out to visit with you, we will evaluate your home's exterior, and based upon what we see we will make our recommendations, of course your needs and desires as the homeowner is our number one concern! Give us a chance to service your needs by making the call today, remember our staff at Maxi Decks Protection LLC have you covered!

Using a high pressure washer at full blast is not really the answer. You want your home's exterior cleaned, but power washing alone doesn't do the job. Instead, it's better to utilize low-pressure washing technique with Green Environmentally Safe Cleaners. We kill the mold and remove its source of growth from siding, concrete and decks. Your property becomes cleaner, safer and healthier. You don't have to worry about someone getting hurt from a slip and fall or getting splinters when they walk out onto your deck or concrete. You'll love our attention to detail.

Call us today for your FREE ESTIMATE! We promise no pressure, other than the pressure your home will feel while being washed!

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